Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014, My 2013 Highlights!

Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right. – Oprah Winfrey

As the holidays are approaching and the year is coming to an end, I look back at this past year and man oh man, what a year 2013 has been. It is had many ups and downs, but so many memories have been had and it has to be one of the best years thus far. I went on two AWESOME vacations, married the love of my life, and bought a house! Crazy, right?! Here is a look back at some of my highlights from this past year! And stay tuned for more “Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014″ blog posts coming soon!


  • Dean and I traveled to California. We visited a few places, such as San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Redding and we got to see some of California’s attractions like the sequoia and giant redwood trees, the Golden Gate Bridge, and fisherman’s dwarf as well as the Pacific Ocean! We experienced 65 degree weather and 35 degree weather with snow all in one trip. We stayed at numerous locations and ate some awesome meals and saw unbelievable landscape and nature.
  • Dean and I booked our wedding venue and began the countdown to Mr. and Mrs. Scardino!


  • I said “yes to the dress!”


  • My mom and I went to a filming of Rachel Ray and I was chosen to participate on stage during a game and was on TV for Rachel’s Easter Show!


  • I was thrown a beautiful bridal shower and my best friend, Brittany, got engaged a few weeks later!


  • I got to enjoy my bachelorette party with the best friends a girl could have!
  • Dean and I went under contract for our first house!
  • I reached a total of 25 pounds lost since January!


  • I married the love of my life on August 31, 2013 surrounded by our family and friends.


  • Dean and I went to Puerto Rico for our honeymoon (and Dean got to celebrate his 26th birthday while we were there)!


  • Our best friends Danielle and Kevin had their first child, Ryan!


  • We purchased our first home!


  • I turned 26
  • We bought our first Christmas Tree

That is a short list that covers some of the big things that happened this past year. I got to experience so many wonderful events and made so many memories with the people in my life. All in all, I would say 2013 turned out to be a pretty good year. Stay tuned for my next “Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014″ post about my New Year’s Resolutions coming soon :)

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